Charlotte Roller Girls to Kick Off Home Season on March 7

The Charlotte Roller Girls are back and taking no prisoners. On March 7, the Queen City’s mavens of mayhem kick off their 2009 home season when they take on Athens, Georgia’s Classic City Rollergirls. It marks the first of seven home bouts at our new venue, the Grady Cole Center.

With so many players on the roster, the league formed two teams – the Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars and the Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers. The roster for each team can change throughout the season with players transferring from team to team based upon individual performance. The All-Stars, made up of the league’s veteran skaters, will compete in the first three home bouts.

“We haven’t faced Classic City since 2007,” said All-Stars captain Melissa Hickok a.k.a. Pollyannarchy. “They beat us pretty bad, but that was a long time ago. It was only our second bout but we quickly learned how high we needed to set our benchmark. Since then, we’ve grown both individually and as a league. We are faster and more experienced than we were two years ago. We are excited for a rematch and anticipate a much different result.”

In 2009, the Charlotte Roller Girls will hold its home bouts at the Grady Cole Center located at 310 N. Kings Drive, near downtown Charlotte. The new venue is sure to become a favorite due to its unique seating arrangement which allows fans to get closer to the action.

“If someone were to build a venue just for roller derby, they would build the Grady Cole Center,” continued Hickok. “I invite anyone who still believes that roller derby is fake or staged to attend one of our home bouts. In this venue, you are so close to the action, it’s plain to see that every hit is hard and every fall is very real. If you weren’t a fan before, trust me, you will be.”