B Dazzlers Looking to Shine in Johnson City

Charlotte Roller Girls vs. Little City Roller GirlsThe Charlotte Roller Girls travel to Johnson City, TN this weekend to take on the Little City Roller Girls in its fifth bout of the season. The B Dazzlers, Charlotte’s second interleague team, will take up Little City’s challenge in the May 9 bout dubbed Mountain MAY-Hem. The team, formed at the start of the 2009 season, competed for the first time in February.

The Charlotte Roller Girls have two interleague teams All-Stars and B Dazzlers. The roster for each team changes throughout the season with players transferring from team to team based upon individual performance.

“We are less experienced than our All-Stars but we are all part of the same organization,” said Charlotte’s team captain Stunflower. “We all practice together and have the same trainers. What we lack in bout experience we make up for in heart and soul.

“We’ve been gearing up for Little City for several months,” added Stunflower. “No one can say we aren’t prepared. Our plan is to attack them head on and may the best team win.”

The next home bout for the Charlotte Roller Girls is on May 17 when the All-Stars take on the Columbia (SC) Quad Squad. Tickets are on sale now.

B Dazzlers Roster

Sadie Hellcat (Captain)
Stunflower (Captain)
Auntie Infammatory
Butt’her Bean
Hands on Gretel
Ila Tack
Killvia Plath
Margaret Snatch’her
Sassy Fracas
Scarlett A. Sassin
Shocker Khan
Shrimp Lo Mean
Tammy Faye Breaker
Winona Ryd’her
Dottie Sock’em (alternate)