Charlotte Defeats Columbia 117-82

Battle of the BarbieThe Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars handed the Columbia Quad Squad a crushing defeat in Sunday’s bout, dubbed Battle of the Barbie 3. The much anticipated meeting between the two leagues lived up to expectations, thrilling the full house at the Grady Cole Center. The final score was 117-82.

“This win was huge,” said Charlotte’s Pamela Anderslam, who scored four points. “We are all so pumped. We’ve won two in a row against Columbia and this feels incredible.”

Dating back to 2007, the two rival leagues have faced off against each other on four occasions. Their last meeting was in October with Charlotte taking the win.

Charlotte took the early lead on Sunday when Court’her Pound’her grabbed four points in the first jam. They remained out front until Columbia capitalized on a cutting the track penalty committed by Charlotte’s jammer Rosie Cheeks at the 17 minute mark. Without a jammer, Charlotte was helpless as Columbia pulled ahead. Charlotte continued to fight back but was unable to regain the lead before the half. Columbia led 48-43.

The second half started out slowly for Charlotte. They kept the score close but it appeared that Columbia had found that spark needed to overcome the home team.

“We lost momentum,” explained Pamela Anderslam. “(Team captain Amy) Fister called a time out and we had a Zen moment. It was her speech that brought us back in the game.”

Charlotte chipped away at the lead and frustrated Columbia in the process.

“We pulled it together and it seemed like they fell apart,” continued Pamela Anderslam. “This game is as much mental as it is physical. We are very good at playing both parts and it showed tonight.”

Rosie Cheeks, Charlotte’s high scorer with 39 points, scored nine points at the 18 minute mark to give Charlotte its first lead in the second half. With frustration setting in, Columbia committed several penalties, allowing Charlotte’s Jen Fizz and Jack the Maniac to score a double and triple grand slam respectively. With an insurmountable lead, Charlotte charged to victory.

Captain Amy Fister, who does most of her talking on the track, was left nearly speechless after that bout. Her only words were, “This win tastes great.”

The Charlotte Roller Girls will take a two-month break from home competition and return to action on July 19. Click here to purchase tickets.