Charlotte All-Stars Take a Tumble Against Blue Ridge Rollergirls All Stars

The Charlotte Roller Girls All Star’s bout progressed in a very similar way as the B Dazzler’s game held earlier in the evening, with the Charlotte jammers being held up by strong Blue Ridge defensive walls. Jammer penalties also became a major factor for Charlotte as multiple power jams allowed Blue Ridge to earn nine double digit jams.

Shawn Shank Redemption gets lead jammer

In the first jam of the All-Stars bout, Charlotte skater Shawn Shank Redemption faced off against Blue Ridge All Stars’ Dr. Octopushy.  As both jammers approached the back of the pack, Shawn went in for a hit on Dr. Octopushy and knocked her to the outside, allowing Shawn to get through the pack as lead jammer and put the first 2 points on the board.  Next up was Charlotte speed skater Da Bomb Chell who lost lead jammer status to Blue Ridge jammer Caslamity Jane, who then got sent to the box for a major track cut penalty after picking up only 3 points. Da Bomb Chell was able to add 8 points during her power jam before taking a hard hit on the outside of turn 4. The jam was called after her second scoring pass as Da Bomb Chell left the track due to injury.  She was unable to return for the rest of the game, leaving Charlotte without one of their key jammers.

After an extended official timeout, Charlotte All-Star Bashionista started on a power jam advantage as Caslamity Jane finished her time in the box. But Bashionista soon ran into a penalty problem of her own after being sent off the track for a back block during her initial pass, thereby releasing the Blue Ridge jammer. A wall of two Charlotte blockers at the front of the pack tried to slow Caslamity Jane down, but they were quickly pushed out of play and forced to let the Blue Ridge jammer pass and collect all four points.  In the next jam, Blue Ridge fielded Tigra against Charlotte All-Stars skater Rosie Cheeks. Tigra was able to break through the pack first, but Rosie emerged closely behind her, only allowing Tigra to pass a single skater before calling off the jam.

The Charlotte All-Stars entered into the next jam with a slight point advantage of 10 to Blue Ridge’s 8 points, with Shawn Shank Redemption skating against Dr. Octopushy again. Shawn Shank Redemption attempted a repeat of the first jam by trying to force Dr. Octopushy out of bounds, but was unsuccessful this time.  Blue Ridge’s front blockers took Shawn down twice as she was about to break the pack, while Blue Ridge’s jammer was able to push through and pick up 3 points.

Sin Plicity battling it out against Caslamity Jane

Penalty trouble from Charlotte jammer Sin Plicity in the next two jams allowed Blue Ridge jammers Caslamity Jane and Tigra to pick up 23 and 10 points respectively, increasing their lead to 44 points to Charlotte’s 10.  Lykr C’leen jammed next for the Charlotte All-Stars against Dr. Octopushy.  C’leen tried to play a bit of defense on Dr. Octopushy, setting her up against a wall of Charlotte purple in the back of the pack. Unfortunately, Charlotte was unable to hold her long, while their own jammer remained stuck behind a solid defensive wall of Blue Ridge skaters. Dr. Octopushy was able to score 24 points in the meantime.

Shawn Shank Redemption had more luck in the next jam and was able to pass a single skater that the Charlotte blockers had pinned in the back of the pack, but was forced to call it as Caslamity Jane closed in on her scoring run.  In the following jam, Blue Ridge jammer Tigra was able to pull out of the pack slightly before Charlotte jammer, Bashionista, and earned a single point for her efforts.  In the next jam, both Charlotte and Blue Ridge set up solid walls and left their jammers to fend for themselves. Blue Ridge’s Dr. Octopushy was able to penetrate the wall of purple in the back first and sail through the front wall of friendly faces. Lykr C’leen earned herself a trip to the penalty box during her battle against the Blue Ridge blockers, allowing Dr. Octopushy to earn 15 more points, bringing to total score to 84 to 11. Caslamity Jane began her next turn on the track with a power jam and immediately found an outside lane around the pack, adding 5 points to the scoreboard before Lykr C’leen was released from the box.

Rosie Cheeks was the next Charlotte jammer on the line skating against Tigra. Rosie was sent off the track for a major back block penalty while trying to sneak through the inside line. The Charlotte blockers struggled to stay in play and allowed Tigra to earn 10 points virtually uncontested.

Rosie Cheeks takes on a wall of blue

Dr. Octopushy started the next jam unopposed as Rosie Cheeks was finishing her time in the penalty box, but quickly earned a trip of her own right after Rosie was released. Rosie successfully pushed the wall of Blue Ridge blockers out of play and took the lead, scoring 14 points for Charlotte in their highest scoring jam of the game, increasing their total to 25. With just under 7 minutes left in the first half, Rosie’s success seemed to generate a shift in momentum for Charlotte as Bashionista earned 2 points over Caslamity Jane, who was held at the front of the pack by Charlotte blocker Cal Q H8r.

Tigra and Shawn Shank Redemption battled it out next. Shawn was able to take lead status as the Blue Ridge jammer was sent to the box. Asheville’s All Stars tried to speed up the pack by racing to the front, but eventually put themselves out of play allowing Shawn to pick up a grand slam, and then add 2 more points on her second scoring pass before calling it.

Dr. Octopushy earned lead jammer status over Rosie Cheeks in the next jam, but then got held up in the back of the pack by Charlotte blocker Sweet Psy*ren allowing Rosie to skate through the pack for 4 points, and then come around for a second scoring pass attempt, picking up 3 more points.  The period ended after two more jams with Blue Ridge adding 9 more points to bring the total to 111 to 41.

Margaret Snatch'her and Sweet Psy*ren keep Caslamity Jane at bay

In the second half of the bout, Charlotte appeared to have gained back their momentum for their first two jams. First, Charlotte jammer Shawn Shank Redemption was able to break through a wall of blue at the front of the pack to earn lead jammer status as Blue Ridge jammer Dr. Octopushy was held at the back by a wall of purple. Shawn was able to pick up all 4 points on her scoring pass, but not before Dr. Octopushy added one of her own. Charlotte jammer Sin Plicity was also able to earn lead jammer status in the second jam and pass 2 opponents before calling an end to the jam.

The penalty troubles soon began anew in the next two jams, with Bashionista spending some time in the box. In the first, Tigra was able to increase Blue Ridge’s lead by 20 points while skating unopposed, and their jammer Skelley Tor added another 22 in the following jam after Bashionista took a second trip to the penalty box for a back block.

Dr. Octopushy faced off with Rosie Cheeks in the next jam. Rosie looked clear to break through the pack first, but got hit to the outside and was forced to reenter at the back. Rosie decided to take a different tactic and play defense with her blockers. The jockeying for position in the pack left just enough of an opening for Rosie to sail through causing the Blue Ridge jammer to call off the jam, after scoring only 5 points.

In the next jam, Shawn Shank Redemption had some trouble on the track, having to momentarily take a knee to the outside of the track to recover after a hard hit to the ribs, while Caslamity Jane was able to pick up 4 more grand slams increasing Asheville’s lead to 179 to 47.  The Blue Ridge All Stars continued with their high scoring jams in their next turn on the track with Tigra claiming all five points before Sin Plicity was able to break through the Blue Ridge defense.  Tigra picked up 4 more on her second scoring pass, but called it off a little too late, allowing Sin Plicity to earn 1 point for Charlotte.

Lykr C’leen fighting to put more points on the board

Lykr C’leen was able to add another point to Charlotte’s total during her next turn with the jammer star, though not before Dr. Octopushy earned 2 of her own. Next up at the jammer line was Rosie Cheeks and Caslamity Jane.  Rosie was able to make it through the pack first earning lead jammer status, but was followed very closely by the jammer in blue. Rosie was able to advance Charlotte’s score by two points before having to call it.

Bashionista was able to regain some footing in her next turn with the star, getting out of the pack first – though not as lead jammer – and earning herself 3 points before Tigra was able to escape Charlotte’s defense and earn lead and stop the jam.  Lykr C’leen got a break in the next jam when Dr. Octopushy was sent to the box for a back block after taking down Charlotte blocker Sweet Psy*ren.  Charlotte’s jammer struggled to take advantage of her power jam as the rest of her blockers were slow in realizing that she was skating unopposed and attempted to maintain their wall in the front of the pack, while their jammer was trying to fight a wall at the back. Lykr continued to battle through and succeeded in adding 9 more points to Charlotte’s score.

Charlotte’s momentum continued in the next jam with Rosie Cheeks earning lead status over Calamity Jane, who was took a seat in the penalty box for a minute. Rosie added 4 more points to the board.  In the next jam Charlotte’s blockers are able to maintain a slow pack speed allowing Bashionista to put up 9 more points before Claslamity Jane re-enters the track.

Bashionista goes toe-to-toe with Tigra

Blue Ridge jammer Tigra was able to overtake Lykr C’leen in the next jam, but does not earn lead jammer status. She picked up a grand slam before Lykr was able to break through the pack with some help from her blocker, Shawn Shank Redemption, and end the jam after claiming lead status.

As the second period began to wind down, Charlotte was held fast at 73 points with jammers Sin Plicity, Lykr C’leen and Rosie Cheeks taking on Tigra, Dr. Octopushy and Caslamity Jane, increased their score by another 19 points to 217 to 73.

The Blue Ridge All Stars ended their night with another big jam from Caslamity Jane who added 14 more points, when Sin Plicity was sent to the box. The Charlotte blockers staunched the bleeding a bit, holding back the Blue Ridge jammer for a while allowing Sin Plicity to be released from the box. Sin added 4 more points of her own to Charlotte’s final score, ending the night with 77 points to the Blue Ridge All Stars’ 231.