The Charlotte B Dazzlers Down on Their Luck Against Blue Ridge Rollergirls French Broads

Margaret Snatch'her starts the bout up against Skelly-Tor

After the most successful season in their history, the Charlotte B Dazzlers stumbled at their final bout against the Blue Ridge Roller Girls French Broads, based in Asheville, North Carolina. In the most physically challenging game of the year, the B Dazzlers put all of their hearts on the line, fighting for every point they earned and demonstrating to the crowd their determination and unfailing team spirit. Unfortunately for them, the French Broad team was bolstered by more experienced skaters and was able to dominate the pack in almost every jam, setting up wall after unbreakable wall for the Charlotte jammers. The final score was 34 to 199. The B Dazzlers end the 2011 season with a 5-4 record.

The B-Dazzlers started strongly out of the gate, with Margaret Snatch-her taking on the Blue Ridge French Broad’s jammer Skelley Tor and pulling out as lead jammer. However, Snatch-her, not realizing how closely Skelley Tor was following behind, allowed Blue Ridge to match her two points.  The next jam established the momentum that would continue throughout most of the bout with Asheville showing strong three and four person walls and dominating the pack; Charlotte skater Addie Finitum faced off with Lady Rider, who quickly took the lead and was able to pick up 15 points.  Charlotte’s Do U Juana had better luck in the next jam, earning lead status over French Broad jammer She-Wrex who took a hard hit from Charlotte blocker Star Spangled BanGRR.  Do U Juana picked up a grand slam in her first pass, but wasn’t quite able to capitalize on She-Wrex’s trouble in the pack. Do U Juana got recycled twice just as she was about to break through the front and attempt a second scoring pass.

Addie Finitum gets lead jammer status

Lucky number 7 proved to be a curse for the Charlotte B Dazzlers as they were held at 7 points for the next 7 jams, allowing the Blue Ridge French Broads to increase their lead to 51 points.  Charlotte was finally able to break Blue Ridge’s point streak by starting the 11th jam of the night on their knees, forcing a no-pack situation to take advantage of a major back block penalty by French Broad skater, Drag’n Slayer in the previous jam. Charlotte jammer Addie Finitum took advantage of the seconds she had to skate unopposed to break through the pack and get lead jammer status.  Drag’n Slayer was released from the penalty box as Addie approached the back of the pack.  Addie got forced to the outside of the pack after picking up 2 points, but her attempt to call off the jam was blocked from the referee’s view, which allowed Blue Ridge to pick up a full 4 points before the jam was finally called.

The unlucky number 7 returned to haunt Charlotte as their score remained at 9 points for the next 7 jams, with Star Spangled BanGRR, Margaret Snatch-her, Addie Finitum, Do U Juana and Sadie Hellcat all taking their chances against the Blue Ridge defense, but earning zero points.

Do U Juana breaks past Drag'n SlayHer to gain lead jammer status and earn 3 points for CLTRG in the jam

Do U Juana was the next skater to advance  Charlotte’s score. She earned 3 points while taking on Blue Ridge jammer Quarter Pound-her, who, regrettably for Charlotte, managed 9 points in the jam bringing the total to 116 to 12 in favor of Blue Ridge.  The first half of the game finished with Addie Finitum skating against Lady Rider again. Addie was sent to the box for a back block penalty, while trying to jump the apex around a wall of French Broad blue, allowing Lady Rider to put 10 more points on the board.

The half time allowed Charlotte to regain some of their mojo as momentum appeared to be shifting in their direction again at the start of the second period. The first jam of the second half saw no advancement in Charlotte’s score as Addie Finitum started in the box to finish her penalty time while Lady Rider put 7 more points on the board for Asheville.  The B Dazzlers then had some success when jammers Do U Juana, Margaret Snatch-her and Addie Finitum were able to pick up lead jammer status in the next four jams and keep Blue Ridge scoreless, although only earning 3 points For Charlotte.

That momentum was quickly lost again as the French Broads added 7 more points to bring their total to 140 while the B Dazzlers remained at 15. In the next jam Do U Juana was able to make some headway again, earning lead jammer status and picking up 1 point for Charlotte against the Blue Ridge jammer Disstressa.

Sadie Hellcat takes a moment to assess the pack

With each of Charlotte’s normal jammers facing 3 minor penalties, the B Dazzlers made a strategic choice to not risk losing their jammer to the penalty box on a fourth minor call and instead fielded other skaters to take their chances against the pack. The B Dazzler’s Agent Cherry Maim’her stepped up to the jammer line for the first time this bout, but was sent to the box, allowing  French Broad’s One Hit Wound’Her to score 14 points. Drag-n Slayer kept up the Blue Ridge momentum and took advantage of her power jam situation to score 10 more points. Charlotte then fielded veteran skater Pamela Ander-Slam, who emerged from the pack shortly behind Blue Ridge’s skater Punk Rotten, who only managed to put 1 point on the board before being forced to call the jam.  Charlotte ran in to more penalty trouble in the next three jams with skater Sadie Hellcat taking two separate trips to the box. Sadie was able to put up 3 points in the second of those three jams, but Blue Ridge added 16 more to their score taking the spread to 181 to 19.

Optimus Fine uses her great blocking skills to open up a gap for jammer, Do U Juana

The next six jams were minor victories for the B Dazzlers as Do U Juana, Star Spangled BanGRR, Margaret Snatch-her, Conine the Barbarian, and Addie Finitum were all able to put some points on the board each time. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to keep their opponents from scoring at the same time as French Broad jammers Lady Rider, Riot Crrls, One hit WoundHer, Disstressa and Drag’n Slayer all score as well.  As the game clock wound down, the B Dazzlers added 15 points to their score, while the French Broad’s nearly matched them with 14 points. The final jam of the night ends with Margaret Snatch-her going toe to toe with Skelley Tor, who grabbed lead status and added 4 more points to the total for Blue Ridge. The final score was 34 to 199 in favor of the Blue Ridge Rollergirls French Broads.