Charlotte B Dazzlers Just Miss Their Hat Trick Against Lowcountry Highrollers Bruisin’ Betties

On Saturday, February 18, The Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers kicked off their season by heading down to Charleston, South Carolina to face the Lowcountry Highrollers Bruisin’ Betties on the track. Both teams saw some new skaters making their bout debuts including Hitsteria and Rita Maneata from the Charlotte Roller Girls, and Afrodite Superstar, TNTina, and Agenda from the Lowcountry Highrollers. The B Dazzlers had won their previous two games against the Betties and were hoping for a hat trick, but it was not to be. The B Dazzlers fought hard, with a strong come-back in the second half, but the Bruisin’ Betties had taken a substantial lead early on and maintained that lead for a final score of 96 – 144. Although the scoreboard showed a loss in points, the B Dazzlers played like winners and skated their final lap with heads held high. With the first game of the season under their belts, the B Dazzlers are even more determined than before, and with their skills, passion, and positive teamwork, they are sure to knock the socks off future opponents!

Addie Finitum fighting through the pack

The B Dazzlers were the first to strike with Addie Finitum taking on Ringo Starrdust in the first jam of the bout, and quickly putting 3 points on the board. Unfortunately, these 3 points were to remain steady for the next six jams as the Bruisin’ Betties hit back hard. The second jam saw B.B. Queen opposite Smokey Taboo. After a hard hit from Doutaz Mania on B.B. Queen, Smokey Taboo flew past the pack and racked up a massive 20 points for the Bruisin’ Betties. A short third jam, with the Bruisin’ Betties scoring just 1 point, was followed by Addie Finitum up against debuting TNTina. The B Dazzler blockers did a great job holding TNTina back during this power jam, with some oh-so-fine booty blocking from Optimus Fine, after Addie Finitum was sent to the box for an unintentional low block. The next 3 jams saw the B Dazzlers’ jammers fighting hard to get past some formidable blockers (notably Dottie Demento, Gille O’Tene and debut skater, Afrodite Superstar), while the Bruisin’ Betties slowly added more points to the board. By jam 7, and with 19 minutes still in the first half, the score was 45 – 3 to the Betties.

The following seven jams were a battle on both sides with effective blocking and massive hits. Four of these jams resulted in no points being earned on either side – a testament to the great blocking skills by both teams. Overall, the B Dazzlers picked up another 5 points, with the Bruisin’ Betties scoring 6 additional points, leaving the board at 8 – 51.

Quad Z Mojo, Conine the Barbarian and Mustang Stella doing an excellent job of blocking

With 10 minutes remaining in the first half, and debuting Hitsteria up against Smokey Taboo, the B Dazzlers started to break the ice on the scoreboard and get some more points added. Hitsteria did a quick break through the pack leaving Smokey Taboo fighting a wall of B Dazzlers, Conine the Barbarian, Devlin Syder, Quad Z Mojo, and Mustang Stella. Hitsteria earned 5 points for B Dazzlers, while the B Dazzler blockers held Smokey Taboo, not allowing her to earn any points within the jam. The following three jams were once again a fierce battle with some powerful blocking on both sides. With only 3 minutes left in the first half, Bruisin’ Bettie jammer TNTina, took a monstrous hit from Sadie Hellcat but was still able to earn lead jammer for the Betties. With B.B. Queen fast on her tail though, the jam was called off before either team could score.

The final jam of the half saw the Bruisin’ Betties taking advantage of a power jam after StarSpangled BanGRR was sent to the box for cutting the track. Smokey Taboo was able to rack up a good 10 points, but with only 6 seconds left on the clock she was sent to the box for a back block. StarSpangled BanGRR flew out on the track to try and hustle some points before the end of the jam, but unfortunately, time was up. The half ended at 19 – 71 to the Betties.

Some great blocking from Sadie Hellcat and Agent Cherry Maim'her

The second half started with a power jam for the B Dazzlers since Smokey Taboo was still in the box at the end of the first half. Addie Finitum was unable to earn lead jammer status due to an elbow on her first pass, and the jam continued for the full 2 minutes. She did score 8 points, with the Bruisin’ Betties only scoring 3. In the second jam Agent Cherry Maim’her laid a beautiful hit on lead jammer TNTina, into the crowd. Already the crowd could tell that the B Dazzlers were here to show just what they are made of and were not going to hold back! The hits, it seemed, were getting harder and the B Dazzlers were getting fiercer. A shoulder hit from B Dazzler, Quad Z Mojo on Smokey Taboo made the crowd wince simultaneously, while Bruisin’ Bettie, Ringo Starrdust knocked Addie Finitum to the ground causing her to call off the jam from the floor. The jam ended with another 3 points for the B Dazzlers and 4 points for the Bruisin’ Betties. The following six jams saw Rita Maneata, Addie Finitum, Margaret Snatch-Her and Hitsteria accruing 10 points for the B Dazzlers and Bruisin’ Betties’ Agenda, Gille O’Tene, TNTina, Smokey Taboo and Ringo Starrdust scoring only 9.

Rita Maneata keeping the Bruisin' Bettie jammer in check

With the scoreboard at 40 – 87, and 18 minutes on the clock, things started to heat up even more. B Dazzlers’ Rita Maneata earned lead jammer, with her blockers doing a nice job of clearing the way for her, and scored 3 points. She attempted to call off the jam just before TNTina could break into the pack but was sent off for a back block. With a power jam for the Bruisin’ Betties, TNTina was able to score 9 points before she was sent to the box for cutting the track with only 8 seconds left in the jam. Rita Maneata tore onto the track the second she was released from the box, but there just wasn’t any time for her to add any further points. The B Dazzlers started the next jam with a power jam situation as TNTina was still in the box. They took advantage of this by taking a knee for a no-pack call, and allowing a quick start for jammer Addie Finitum. Bruisin’ Bettie, Ringo Starrdust, attempted to lay a big hit on Addie Finitum, but instead Addie Finitum knocked Ringo Starrdust out of bounds and continued to score a fantastic 11 points for the B Dazzlers. As TNTina re-entered the track, Addie Finitum tried to call the jam off, but was sent off for a penality before she could, allowing TNTina to add 13 points to the board for the Bruisin’ Betties.

Hitsteria takes lead jammer ahead of Ringo Starrdust

The following two jams continued to give the Bruisin’ Betties power jams and amass a huge 24 points. The B Dazzlers were not to be intimidated though and held the Bruisin’ Betties at 134 points for the next six jams – almost to the very end of the bout. During these six jams, B Dazzlers made a giant leap on the scoreboard from 54 to 88. Hitsteria started the ball rolling collecting 5 points, while a mighty hit from Sadie Hellcat and some fine blocking from the B Dazzler blockers, prevented the Bruisin’ Betties’ jammer, TNTina, from scoring anything. Next, Margaret Snatch-Her earned 4 points with a great jam, and Addie Finitum scored a huge 16 points while Optimus Fine kept the Bettie’s jammer, Ringo Starrdust, in check. During this jam, Ringo Starrdust was sent to the box, allowing Addie Finitum to take full advantage of the power jam. There was some minor confusion at the end of the jam resulting in an official timeout where the score was discussed and adjusted from 76 to 81 for the B Dazzlers.

Optimus Fine about to give Hitsteria an arm whip

With only 1:40 on the clock, Hitsteria pulled a good 7 points for the B Dazzlers, while the purple blockers continued to keep the Bruisin’ Betties jammer at bay with some exceptional defense. At one point during this jam only Agent Cherry Maim’her was out on the track holding the jammer back until Sadie Hellcat joined her from the box and helped put the brakes on. With only 3 seconds left on the clock, the B Dazzlers called a timeout allowing for one final jam. The B Dazzlers were going to fight to the very end! Both jammers, Addie Finitum and TNTina, fought hard to break through the pack, but neither earned lead jammer status, so the final jam continued for the full 2 minutes. Addie Finitum was able to attain 8 points while TNTina earned a clean 10 resulting in a final score of 96 – 144 to the Bruisin’ Betties.

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