Charlotte B Dazzlers Earn a Significant Win Against The Camel City Thrashers!

In the first game of a much-anticipated St. Patrick’s Day double-header, the Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers played their second game of the season against the Camel City Thrashers. After their hard-fought defeat against Charleston’s Lowcountry Highrollers Bruisin’ Betties in February, the Charlotte Roller Girls spent the last month training even harder and concocting new strategies, and their efforts have more than paid off! The B Dazzlers were able to score a significant lead in the first jam and maintain it throughout the bout with a final score of 248 – 35.

Margaret Snatch'Her jams against B.F. SkinHer

The first jam saw feisty B Dazzlers captain Margaret Snatch’Her take on B.F. SkinHer, earning a quick 18 points for Charlotte. Those 18 points were joined by another 16 over the next two jams – courtesy of Addie Finitum and Hitsteria – with Camel City breaking onto the board with 3 points of their own by the beginning of the fourth jam. A combination of strong blocking and breakaway jamming on the part of the B Dazzlers ensured that Camel City maintained those 3 points until the sixth jam, when Camel City jammer A’rm’d And Scandalass overtook Rita Maneata from the get-go and snatched a quick 9 points for the Thrashers, bringing the score to 49 – 12 with Charlotte still well in the lead thanks to a consistently solid defense, and the jamming skills of B.B. Queen and Addie Finitum in previous jams.

Hitsteria racks up some points for CLTRG

Freshly bolstered and determined, Camel City scored another 8 points in the ninth jam while Charlotte jammer Hitsteria served time in the penalty box for cutting the track, leaving Camel City with 20 points to Charlotte’s 56. For the next eight jams, Camel City’s score remained static while the B Dazzlers racked up the points. Thrasher Michelle O’ Bam Ya! Took lead jammer in the thirteenth jam practically as soon as the whistle blew, but Hitsteria overtook her, racking up another 4 points in the process. In the last jam of the first period, while Camel City jammer A’rm’d And Scandalass serving time out in the penalty box for cutting the track, Addie Finitum finished out with a grand slam, leaving the score at 136 – 22 to the B Dazzlers.

Addie Finitum scoring, yet again, for CLTRGThe second half seemed to promise a turn-around for Camel City, who snagged another four points in the first jam, and another two in the second. But B Dazzler jammers Hitsteria, Addie Finitum, and Rita Meaneata maintained the B Dazzler’s lead. Michelle O’ Bam Ya! delivered some great hits against Rita, but to no avail. Rita still came out ahead against B.F. SkinHer in the third jam of the second half, and the B Dazzlers continued to rack up the points. The next seven jams saw Camel City held fast at 32 points, while Charlotte climbed closer and closer to the 200 mark.

Some great blocking from the B Dazzlers

The last several jams saw a change-up in Charlotte jammers as the long-absent and much-missed Devlin Syder reclaimed her place with the Charlotte Roller Girls. Skating neck and neck with jammer Michelle O’ Bam Ya!, the jam was called off before either skater could score. Not to worry though, because Devlin had her chance again just a few jams later, as did StarSpangled BanGRR, Sweet Psy*ren, and Unleasha Monster.

Quad Z Mojo in her last jam for CLTRG

The final jam of the bout was particularly special for both the Charlotte Roller Girls and their fans, as it would prove to be the final jam for Quad Z Mojo, who will say goodbye to both CLTRG and to Charlotte next month as she leaves to attend school in Chapel Hill (look for her with the Carolina Rollergirls starting this summer!). Quad Z Mojo jammed against B.F. SkinHer, racking up a final five points for the B Dazzlers. She took a number of powerful hits and had to pull herself up off the track more than once, but there was no way she was calling this one off! The B Dazzlers finished strong—just as they started—with a final score of 248 – 35 for the Charlotte Roller Girls.

MVP Jammers

MVP Blockers

  • B Dazzlers: Optimus Fine
  • Camel City Thrashers: Michelle O’ Bam Ya!

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