B Dazzlers Hang Tough in Close Defeat

Addie Finitum breaks past the Star City blocker

The Star City Roller Girls got out to a quick start in the May 5th bout against the Charlotte B Dazzlers. Though the initial lead grew and shrank throughout the bout, Star City held on for the win with a score of 137-108, surviving a strong comeback attempt by the B Dazzlers. This was the second bout of the home season for the B Dazzlers, and their first loss in front of the home crowd.

Star City took advantage of an opportunity in the second jam of the bout when the Charlotte jammer, Addie Finitum, was penalized for cutting the track. Star City’s Femedusa was able to rack up 14 points and bring the score to 17-0 in favor of the visiting team. That deficit would remain for the B Dazzlers throughout the first half. Jammers Addie Finitum, Hitsteria, and Rita Maneata battled the Star City jammers in quick, low scoring jams.

Hitsteria racks up some points for the B Dazzlers

Charlotte was held scoreless for seven jams in a row near the end of the first half, highlighted by a Star City power jam when Hitsteria went to the penalty box for illegal blocking to the back. The B Dazzlers were able to grab a few points in the last few jams to bring the score to 66-35 at halftime.

The fast paced action continued in the second half with the B Dazzlers managing to pull the deficit down to 20 points by the end of the tenth jam. However, that momentum was soon lost when Hitsteria was penalized twice in the eleventh jam for two separate major penalties. The momentum swung the other way when Star City capitalized and went on a run of 23 unanswered points.

Rita Maneata speeds by on the inside line

The B Dazzlers did not give up. Down 105-62 late in the second half, they started their comeback with a huge 30-point jam. Star City’s jammer was sent to the penalty box when StarSpangled BanGRR shrewdly forced her to cut out of bounds. BanGRR, along with Unleasha Monster, Alley Capone, and Sadie Hellcat simultaneously kept the pack slow and made holes allowing Hitsteria to score 20 points in the last minute of the jam for a grand total of 30. That performance breathed new life into the B Dazzlers and the crowd at the Grady Cole Center for the last 10 minutes of the bout.

Unfortunately for the B Dazzlers, Star City quickly took advantage of their own power jam to take back some of the momentum. Addie Finitum and Hitsteria managed to score another 16 points in the final few jams, but it was not enough. Star City survived, with a final score of 137-108.

Optimus Fine and Devlin Syder put a great block on the Star City jammer

The Charlotte B Dazzlers recognized the outstanding performances of the Star City jammer, Massacre Marie, and blocker, Missy Hissyfit. Star City voted to recognize Hitsteria and Optimus Fine as the MVPs of the bout. The B Dazzlers are now 1-3 for the 2012 season and have a chance to even up their record against the Lowcountry High Roller’s Bruisin’ Betties when they come to Charlotte on June 9th for a rematch.

(All photos by Gene Lazo Photography)

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