Rocktown Roller Win

On April 14th the Charlotte Roller Girls went up against the Rocktown Rollers in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Faced with a losing streak and a recent loss of rostered players, the Charlotte Roller Girls knew that this game could be pivotal in boosting moral, or diminishing it.

Do U Juana #S0ME started first on the jammer line. The blockers waited for the first whistle. When no pack was called the jammers were off and blockers Katch Her in the Rye, Hellin Felon, and Amy Fister immediately went after Rocktown’s jammer. Within seconds Do U Juana was out of the pack meanwhile the blockers slowed down the opposing jammer with recycling. With the help of her team Do U Juana was able to make one scoring pass before calling it off, but it wouldn’t compare to the multiple grand slams (five points passes) she would make later on in that game.

It’s no question the Charlotte Roller Girls did a lot of good things during the Rocktown Rollers game. Five minutes before half time CLTRG broke 101 points while the Rocktown Rollers had 28 respectively. Many times the CLTRG jammer found a quick way to escape the pack while the blockers put into play positional, recycling, and even backwards blocking.

“It was just nice to see things we’d worked on in practice come into play on the track,” blocker and recent jammer in the Rocktown Rollers game Ms Guided Angel #416 quoted after the bout. It was very apparent this was the case. Ms Guided Angel and Rosie Cheeks #6 were able to successfully “pass the star” during one of the jams. Ms Guided Angel lined up on the track as the jammer, but within seconds of the second whistle she quickly passed the jammer’s star to Rosie Cheeks the pivot at the time. The result? The Rocktown Rollers fought to keep Ms Guided Angel in the pack as Rosie Cheeks slipped out unnoticed. Within seconds Rosie Cheeks caught up with the opposing jammer causing her to do a double take and then laugh before calling off the jam.

The end result of the game was Rocktown Rollers with 68 points and the Charlotte Roller Girls with 193 points. Both teams played hard and the Rocktown Rollers provided a great and welcoming atmosphere. The Charlotte Roller Girls All Stars returned home breaking the losing streak and with a boosted moral.

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