B Dazzlers Lay Some Bruises On The Bruisin’ Betties

In the second game of a double-header, the Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers took on the Lowcountry Highrollers’ Bruisin’ Betties in what proved to be a well-matched third bout of the home season. The B Dazzlers took the lead in the first jam and were able to not only maintain it, but widen the gap slowly and surely, defeating the Betties 165 -95.

Hitsteria breaks through to earn lead jammer

Hitsteria racked up a quick 10 points in a power jam against Doutaz Mainia, who found herself in the penalty box almost immediately. In the second jam, Lowcountry was able to recoup some of the damage and build an effective wall against Charlotte jammer Turkish D’Lite, allowing Smokey Taboo to slip through and score 4 points for the visiting team. Over the course of the next three jams, the Betties held tight to those 4 points while Charlotte slowly upped the ante, thanks to some well-directed aggression on the parts of jammer Rita Maneata and blockers Sadie Hellcat and Schmidt Storm.

The tide seemed to turn in favor of Lowcountry when, in the sixth jam, Charlotte jammer Addie Finitum landed in the penalty box for cutting the track. Nicky Dru-blood racked up an additional 5 points, and slowly the score evened out. Jams seven through ten saw the Betties narrowly snagging the lead jammer position, though the score remained static at 15 to 15.

Charlotte just pushed even harder though, and took a permanent lead that widened with each jam. There was plenty of fantastic blocking from both teams, and the first half finished at 68-42 with Charlotte in the lead.

Turkish D'lite fights through the pack

It was still anyone’s game, though! The second half saw Turkish D’lite facing off against Doutaz Mania. Betties’ blocker Smokey Taboo laid into Turkish D’lite hard, while Doutaz Mania racked up the points in a power jam, despite the impressive blocking efforts of Margaret Snatch-Her and Sadie Hellcat. The next three jams saw the Lowcountry jammer in the penalty box, while Hitsteria, Rita Maneata, and Addie Finitum brought the score to 89-49.

The rest of the second half saw Charlotte gradually racking up the points against Lowcountry’s more modest gains. The B Dazzlers finished with Hitsteria in a power jam against Attackagawea, bringing the final score to 165-95, Charlotte.

MVP Blocker, Addie Finitum, also shows her jammer skills

The B Dazzlers celebrated their victory at the Philosopher’s Stone, and recognized the incredibly fierce efforts of the Bruisin’ Betties by awarding MVP Blocker to Smokey Taboo, MVP Jammer to Attackagawea, and Unforeseen Threat to Afrodite Superstar. In turn, Lowcountry voted Addie Finitum MVP Blocker, Hitsteria MVP Jammer, and Unforeseen Threat went to Rita Maneata.

(All Photos by Gene Lazo Photography)

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