Charlotte All-Stars Gain Invaluable Experience at Got To Be NC

On Saturday May 19th, the Charlotte Rollergirls All-Stars participated in their first derby tournament when they traveled to Raleigh to compete in 3 of the 6 Got To Be NC games hosted by the Carolina Rollergirls. Although they placed 4th, the experience has strengthened the team’s skill and given them a chance to learn new tips and tricks from the other formidable opponents they faced on the track.

Game 1: Charlotte All-Stars vs Blue Ridge Rollergirls

The All-Stars took on the Blue Ridge Rollergirls in the first game of the tournament. The first period was a close match with Charlotte and Blue Ridge switching back and forth on the leaderboard. Towards the end of the first half Blue Ridge began to pull ahead and continued their momentum the rest of the game.

Blue Ridge started out strong for the first four jams, earning lead jammer status each time and 8 points. Due to a late call-off by Blue Ridge jammer Drag-n SlayHer, Charlotte All-Star’s skater Rosie Cheeks was able to pick up 4 of her own points in the second jam.

Rosie Cheeks snags lead jammer

Five minutes into the period, Rosie Cheeks snagged the first lead jammer status for Charlotte and added one more point to the score before calling the jam since Drag ‘n SlayHer was hot on her heels.

Blue Ridge picked up lead jammer status in the next four jams as well bringing their score to 26 to Charlotte’s total of 6.

Charlotte’s jammer, Shawn Shank Redemption tied the score in the next jam earning 20 points with the help of her blockers beautifully executing a strategy of slowing the pack until Shawn made her lap back around, and then engaging Blue Ridge’s blockers as she approached for another scoring run.

Rosie Cheeks earned lead jammer status and 3 more points in the next jam against Drag ‘n SlayHer, who earned 1 for her team.

The next few jams involved a rotating door of jammers in the penalty box, as Charlotte jammer Do U Juana was sent off for a major track cut. Blue Ridge was down 3 blockers which prevented their jammer Skelley Tor from being able to fully capitalize on the advantage.

Do U Juana on her power jam

In the next jam it was Blue Ridge’s jammer She Wrex’s turn to take a trip to the box, leaving Do U Juana on a power jam. Rosie Cheeks earned lead jammer status during her next turn on the track and earned 3 points. Shawn Shank Redemption added another 14 more points to the board bringing Charlotte’s total to 49 over Blue Ridge’s 45 points, by earning lead jammer status and taking advantage of the opportunity to skate unopposed as Blue Ridge jammer Skelley-Tor sat in the box for a track cut.

Blue Ridge’s speed jammer Caslamity Jane retook the lead for her team earning 20 points as Charlotte’s jammer Do U Juana struggled with a wall of blue at the back of the pack.

With a little over 4 minutes left in the first half, there was a bit of confusion on the track as both jam referees sent their jammers to the box at the end of the previous jam. After both jammers sat for 10 seconds at the beginning of the next jam they were released back to the track. Caslamity Jane earned lead jammer but was sent back to the box. Do U Juana passed the star to Rosie Cheeks who earned 14 points for Charlotte, closing the gap between the scores to just 2 points.

With 1 minute 53 seconds on the clock in the first period, Charlotte skater Katch Her in the Rye donned the star and played some jammer on jammer defense at the start. However, she was sent to the penalty box for a major forearm allowing She Wrex to increase Blue Ridge’s score by 15 points. When Katch Her in the Rye returned to the track in the last jam of the first period, after serving her time, she passed the star to Shawn Shank Redemption who was unable to gain any more points against Caslamity Jane, who added 25 more bringing her team to 105 to Charlotte’s 63 points.

At the beginning of the next half Rosie Cheeks lined up against She Wrex, who earned lead jammer status. Rosie picked up 3 points, while She Wrex added 4 more to the board for Blue Ridge.

Katch Her in the Rye returned to the track as Charlotte’s jammer in the next jam and added 4 points to Charlotte’s total, as Drag ‘n SlayHer sat in the penalty box but not before earning 4 of her own.

Shawn Shank Redemption scores for Charlotte

Shawn Shank Redemption and Rosie Cheeks bumped up Charlotte’s score a little more in the next two jams after earning lead status, bringing their total to 78.

The All-Stars were held at that score for the next 6 jams as Blue Ridge began to pull ahead, after earning multiple consecutive lead jammer status’s while Charlotte’s jammers struggled more in the pack against Blue Ridge’s solid walls.

Rosie Cheeks was the first Charlotte jammer to catch a break, with 16 minutes left in the game, when She Wrex was sent to the penalty box for a major track cut. She earned 12 points for Charlotte in that jam bringing the score to 90 to Blue Ridge’s 160 points. Blue Ridge earned lead jammer in the next two jams and added some more to their total. Charlotte took lead jammer status the following two jams and put a few points of their own on the board.

Charlotte held steady at 98 points for the next few jams before Do U Juana earned lead jammer and 8 points with only 3 minutes and 48 seconds left in the game. Rosie Cheeks continued the momentum adding 4 points to the total, but not before Caslamity Jane earned 4 of her own. Charlotte ended the game on a high note with Do U Juana earning lead jammer status and 5 points on a power jam as She Wrex sat in the box for an illegal procedure. Rosie Cheeks brought home the game for Charlotte earning lead jammer status against She Wrex and adding 19 more points to the board, skating through the pack virtually untouched on a couple of her scoring passes. The bout ended with a final score of 134-182 in favor of Blue Ridge Rollergirls.

Game 2: Charlotte All-Stars vs Carolina Rollergirls

After their first game, and a close loss to the Blue Ridge Rollergirls, the All-Stars took a break during the next two games of the tournament and watched Blue Ridge and Cape Fear Rollergirls battle each other, followed by Carolina Rollergirls against Cape Fear.

BoToxic Bruz'Her and Vibrant Thing block Carolina's jammer

Next it was Charlotte’s turn to take on the tournament hosts, Carolina Rollergirls, who are currently ranked 8th in the Eastern WFTDA region. It proved to be a very tough game for the All-Stars, who made occasional jumps in their score, but remained steady for most of the game.

In the first jam Carolina Rollergirls jammer Ginger Clobbers drew first blood against Charlotte Rollergirls All Stars’ skater Do U Juana, earning lead jammer status and 4 points. Charlotte jammer Rosie Cheeks struck back in the next jam taking lead and 2 points against Carolina’s skater Mc Fyte.

Charlotte was held to 2 points for the next 3 jams as Shawn Shank Redemption, Do U Juana and Rosie Cheeks fought against Carolina’s challenging defense. However, strong defense on the part of Charlotte’s blockers prevented Carolina from scoring too many points each jam. Shawn Shank Redemption was the first to break the streak when she was left on a power jam after Carolina’s jammer, Pretty Reckless, earned a minute in the penalty box adding 4 points to Charlotte’s total to take the score to 7 against Carolina’s 12.

calQh8r add 6 points to the board for Charlotte

Charlotte remained stuck at 7 points for the next 6 jams as Carolina jammers continued to earn lead and rack up the points. With a little more than 9 minutes left in the half Rosie Cheeks earned lead jammer status and 3 points for Charlotte against Pretty Reckless. All-Stars’ skater calQh8radded 6 more to the board in her jam while Carolina’s Thrashley took a turn in the penalty box. Charlotte was held to 16 points for the remaining 3 jams of the half as Carolina continued to pull ahead. The teams entered the half with the score standing at 102 to 16 with the Carolina Rollergirls showing a significant lead.

At the beginning of the second half Charlotte’s strength seemed to rally as they held Carolina’s jammer, Ginger Clobbers, scoreless despite Charlotte’s jammer Double Deck’Her starting in the penalty box. CalQh8r added 2 points to Charlotte’s total in the second jam after Carolina’s skater, Hot Mess Express earned, herself a timeout. The next jam resulted in tied points as Charlotte jammer Shawn Shank Redemption took on Pretty Reckless, with each skater earning 4 points.

The following jam ended in a stalemate as Charlotte’s power blocker Foxy Pound took the jammer star against Ginger Clobbers. Foxy broke through the pack first but picked up a minor on her pass through forfeiting lead jammer status to Ginger Clobbers who emerged from the pack right on her heels.

Emmylou Harass jamming

Charlotte sat at 22 points on the board for the next 7 jams. Charlotte jammers Rosie Cheeks and Emmylou Harrassdid earn lead jammer status but called of the jams scoreless because Carolina’s jammers were also in a position to score.

With a little more than 13 minutes left in the game Shawn Shank Redemption was sent to the line as Carolina’s jammer Hot Mess Express sat in the box for a major track cut on Foxy Pound in the previous jam. She earned 8 points for Charlotte, bringing their total to 30. Charlotte then suffered a further setback when power blocker, Agent Cherry Maim’Her, fouled out of the game after racking up 7 major penalties by the second half of the game.

That was the last opportunity Charlotte would have to earn any more points in that bout. The game ended with a final score of 265 to 30 in favor of the Carolina Rollergirls.

Game 3: Charlotte vs Cape Fear

The Charlotte Roller Girls started the third game of the tournament off strong when jammer Do U Juana took the track against Cape Fear Roller Girls skater Candi Capitate and earned the first lead jammer status of the game and 3 points for her team.

Charlotte jammer Rosie Cheeks took the star next against Cape Fear’s Ann T. Gravity, who earned lead jammer status and 2 points. In the next jam, neither Charlotte’s jammer, Shawn Shank Redemption nor Cape Fear’s skater Meagan U Beg earned lead jammer status. Shawn Shank Redemption earned 14 points in the 2 minute jam while Meagan U Beg picked up 11.

CalQh8r took the line next for Charlotte against Miss Ill Crisis of Cape Fear. Each skater added one point to the board for their teams. The scores stayed steady for the next 2 jams as the jammers emerged from the pack right behind each other. At the end of the second jam calQh8r earned herself a trip to the penalty box for a back block leaving Candi Captitate on a power jam, during which Cape Fear pulled ahead on the score board after Candi earned 20 points.

BoToxic Bruz'Her, Ms Guided Angel and Vibrant Thing wall-up

Cape Fear continued their momentum in the next few jams holding Charlotte to 15 points and adding 9 more to their score. Shawn Shank Redemption was the next skater to make a movement in Charlotte’s score picking up 2 points against Cape Fear’s CathLICK Skool Girl, who also earned one point before the jam was called.

Charlotte skater Katch Her in the Rye was the next Charlotte jammer to add points to the board when Ann T. Gravity was sent to the box. She added 10 points to the board bringing Charlotte’s total to 27 to Cape Fear’s 52, before she was sent to the box herself at the end of the jam for a major track cut.

Charlotte remained at 27 points for the next 4 jams, despite Shawn Shank Redemption earning lead jammer status twice, as Cape Fear continued to increase their lead. With 4 minutes and 15 seconds left in the first half, Rosie Cheeks took lead jammer status over Ann T. Gravity and added 2 more points to the board for Charlotte. Shawn Shank Redemption earned lead status in the next jam, but was sent to the penalty box leaving Cape Fear’s Miss Ill Crisis on a power jam with little more than 2 minutes in the first period.

Cape Fear called a team timeout with 1 second remaining on the period clock, with Cape Fear sitting at 97 points and Charlotte at 36. The pack was light as both teams had 2 blockers sitting in the box. Candi Capitate earned lead jammer status over Shawn Shank Redemption taking their total to 102 at the half as Charlotte remained at 36.

At the beginning of the second half, Rosie Cheeks earned lead jammer status and 4 points for Charlotte. Do U Juana was the next Charlotte jammer to don the star against Meagan U Beg, who earned lead jammer status, but was followed by Do U Juana half a track behind her. Meagan U Beg earned 2 points for Cape Fear and Do U Juana picked up 1.

Charlotte gained steam behind them in the next few jams holding Cape Fear at 104 points. Shawn Shank Redemption was the first to experience the momentum change as she earned lead jammer status after a long battle in the pack by both jammers. She added 4 points to the board before calling the jam. Rosie Cheeks earned 3 more points of her own against Candi Capitate, despite Charlotte having 2 blockers sitting in the penalty box.

Do U Juana fights through Cape Fear's blockers

Do U Juana struggled behind a front wall of Cape Fear blockers in her next turn on the track as Cape Fear’s jammer Lola Von Lethal added 4 points to her team’s total.

The score remained steady for the next jam, which was called for an injury taking Cape Fear’s Miss Ill Crisis out of play. Rosie Cheeks used the break in Cape Fear’s momentum to earn lead jammer status against Lola Von Lethal who started the jam in the box as a replacement for Miss Ill Crisis. Charlotte executed their strategy well, helping Rosie add 10 points to the board. Lola von Lethal ran into some penalty trouble at the end of the jam and returned to the box shortly after re-entering the jam.

Do U Juana was sent to the jammer line to capitalize on the power jam as Lola Von Lethal finished her time in the box. Do U Juana, who was at a blocker disadvantage to Cape Fear, added 5 more points to the total for Charlotte.

With 19 minutes and 33 seconds left in the game the refs called a timeout and assessed a major penalty to Do U Juana, who started the next jam in the box, allowing Ann T. Gravity to earn lead jammer and 17 more points for Cape Fear.

Shawn Shank Redemption was the next Charlotte jammer to hit the track against Candi Capitate. Shawn struggled a bit in the pack but managed to pick up 3 points before being sent to the box for a major track cut. Candi Capitate finished out the power jam adding another 18 points to the board taking the total to 143 points against Charlotte’s 66.

Vibrant Thing does some great defensive blocking

Charlotte remained at 66 points for the next 3 jams and Cape Fear increased their lead by another 13. Do U Juana was the next jammer to add points to Charlotte’s total, scoring 3 points after muscling her way through the middle of a wall of Cape Fear blockers, but not before Cape Fear’s Lola Von Lethal scored 2 of her own.

With 11 minutes and 50 seconds left in the game the blockers took the unusual tack of starting slow at the pivot line, without any team forcing a start by taking a knee. Neither team advanced their score in this jam as Shawn Shank Redemption broke through the pack first, but was forced to call it as CathLICK Skool Girl was right behind her.

Charlotte’s Ms. Guided Angel was sent to the jammer line for the first time against Cape Fear’s Dirty Sanchez in her only turn with the jammer star. The advantage went to Ms Guided Angel who earned 3 points for Charlotte before calling off the jam.

Charlotte was not able to score any more points in the remaining 6 jams, as Cape Fear picked up lead jammer each time and added 28 more points to bring the final totals of the game to 72 to 206 in favor of Cape Fear Roller Girls.

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