All-Stars Faced a Tough Loss Against the Blue Ridge Roller Girls

On Saturday August 4th, the Charlotte Roller Girls All Stars faced a tough loss against the Blue Ridge Roller Girls, of Asheville, NC. While the All-Star lost by a significant margin, the score by no means reflects the fight that both teams put up to earn each of their points. Both teams demonstrated exceptional teamwork and smart strategies. Even though they lost in points, the All-Stars showed strong defense, holding the jammer back on her initial pass and minimizing the damage during power jams. As with most of the girls’ hardest-hitting games, penalty troubles were a factor for both teams.

The night started off with Charlotte Roller Girl’s jammer, Do U Juana taking the line against Blue Ridge’s speed jammer Caslamity Jane, who earned the first lead jammer status of the bout. Do U Juana struggled with a tough wall but took a whip of Charlotte’s Rosie Cheeks to get through and caught back up to Caslamity Jane as she entered the back of the pack and picked up 3 points.
Charlotte sent Shawn Shank Redemption to the line next against Asheville’s Lady Rider. Lady Rider broke through the pack first to earn lead jammer status but had to call off the jam with Shawn hot on her quads.

Charlotte’s power jammer Hitsteria earned lead jammer status over Blue Ridge’s Skelley Tor in the next jam, but lost control and slid across the outside of the track allowing Skelley Tor to get a positional advantage on the track. Hitsteria called off the jam and both teams reset to give it another shot.

In the next jam, Do U Juana and Caslamity Jane took the jammer stars again. Caslamity Jane quickly earned lead jammer status while Do U Juana fought a wall of blue. Caslamity was able to use the full 2 minutes of the jam to gain 15 points while Do U Juana fought the visiting team’s defense.

Charlotte remained scoreless for the next 4 jams, but also turned up the heat on their defense and only allowed Blue Ridge to advance their score by 4 points.

Almost 10 minutes into the bout, the All Star’s Shawn Shank Redemption was the first Charlotte skater to put points on the board when she took the line against Skelley Tor. She earned 3 points and then called off the jam, but not fast enough allowing Skelley Tor to grab 2 of her own.

All Stars’ skater Rosie Cheeks took the line next against Caslamity Jane, who earned lead jammer status and 5 more points for Blue Ridge before Rosie Cheeks breaks through the defensive wall and forcing Jane to call off the jam.

However, penalty troubles start to kick in as Rosie Cheeks was sent to the box at the end of the jam letting Blue Ridge’s Lady Rider take advantage of her time unopposed on the track during the next jam to score 13 more points.

Rosie Cheeks remained in the penalty box for the next jam as well, while Skelley Tor continued the power jam and made 20 more quick points, quickly rounding the track and catching back up with the pack which was stopped dead on the track. The jam ended just as Rosie Cheeks re-entered the game.

After a brief referee timeout, with 15 minutes 28 seconds left in the first period, both teams continued to rack up penalties. Charlotte sent Hitsteria to the line to face Caslamity Jane. The defense was tough and it took Caslamity Jane nearly 30 seconds to earn lead jammer status. Hitsteria then got sent of the track for a back block leaving Jane on a power jam, until she too was sent to the box for a back block. The jam came to its natural conclusion when the jam clock expired after 2 minutes. Blue Ridge had added 14 more points to the board bringing their total to 76, while Charlotte’s score remained unchanged at 3 points.

Charlotte’s score continued to stay stagnant for the next 2 jams before they called a timeout and tried to regroup. The timeout worked in Charlotte’s favor as Hitsteria returned to the track and earned lead jammer status and add 2 points to the board for Charlotte.

Blue Ridge stole the momentum back on their side in the next jam when Shawn Shank Redemption took on Lady Rider, who earned 13 more points, but not without some strong defense, in particular from Charlotte’s blocker Rox U. Lykahurricane.

The next jam against Charlotte’s Hitsteria and Blue Ridge’s Skelley Tor resulted in even more time spent in the penalty box for both teams. Skelley Tor was sent to the box for a back block and was followed by one of her blockers, leaving Hitsteria on a short lived power jam before she too was sent to the box for a back block. Skelley Tor returned to the track and picked up 7 points, but then took another trip to the box for a back block at the end of the jam.

With 5 and a half minutes left in the first period, Charlotte sent Rosie Cheeks to the line in the next jam to try to take advantage of their power jam. Blue Ridge put up a very strong defense, costing Rosie 40 seconds before she made her initial pass through the pack to earn lead jammer status. She added 5 points to Charlotte’s total before Skelley Tor returned to the track.

Charlotte started the next jam with 2 blockers in the box. Do U Juana, jamming for Charlotte, tried to bolster her team’s defense by staying with the pack and joining Charlotte’s blockers Rox U Lykahurricane and Bashionista in a wall. Despite their valiant efforts Caslamity Jane was still able to break past the wall by taking the outside line. Do U Juana was sent to the box for a track cut while Caslamity Jane racked up 17 more points on her power jam because earning herself some time in the penalty box for a back block.

With 1 minutes and 15 seconds left, Shawn Shank Redemption donned the star for Charlotte. Caslamity Jane rejoined the action shortly after the jam got underway and soared through the pack to earn lead jammer status. Shawn turned to defense with her players, but Charlotte wasn’t able to hold Jane back and she added 20 more points to the board brining to score to 117 to 10 in favor of Blue Ridge at the half.

Charlotte’s score remained steady for the first 2 jams of the second half while Blue Ridge continued to widen the gap scoring 29 more points. Shawn Shank Redemption was Charlotte’s next jammer to move the score forward by 4 points, but again, called of the jam too late allowing Skelley Tor to pick up 2 for Blue Ridge.

Charlotte’s penalty troubles continued to compound as their jammer, Rox U Lykahurricane was sent to the box for a high block and was soon followed by two Charlotte blockers, while Blue Ridge’s jammer Riot Crrrls added 14 more points to the board.

With 18 minutes left in the bout, Shawn Shank Redemption earned 2 more points for Charlotte after earning lead jammer status. Blue Ridge’s jammer Caslamity Jane was sent to the box as Shawn was calling it off allowing Do U Juana to start the next jam unopposed. Do U Juana earned lead jammer status and 10 points for Charlotte in their largest point jump of the game.

The All Stars remained at 26 points for the next 3 jams while Blue Ridge continued to earn lead jammer status. However, Charlotte had some very strong defense and Blue Ridge only advanced their score by 11 more points in those jams.

Rosie Cheeks was the next skater to add to Charlotte’s points when she snuck in a point after a late call off from Skelley Tor, who only picked up 2 for her team.

With 11 minutes and 25 seconds left in the game, Charlotte sent Hitsteria to the line, who earned 3 more point for Charlotte against Riot Crrrls.
Charlotte remained stagnant for the next 2 jams while Blue Ridge increased their lead by 8 more points, again demonstrating the strength of their defense against the visiting team, including holding back Boot Scootin Bully for 30 seconds before she was able to earn lead jammer and 4 points.

With a little more than 7 minutes left in the game, Hitsteria again added some points to Charlotte’s total scoring 10 points against Blue Ridge’s Rigor Morticia before being sent to the box for a track cut. Rigor Morticia finished out the jam with 8 more points for the team from Asheville.

Despite a hard fight and some creative strategy Charlotte was not able to add any more points to their total in the remaining 4 jams of the game. The bout ended with a final score of 40 to 236 in favor of Blue Ridge Roller Girls.

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