B Dazzlers Suffer a Heavy Loss to the French Broads

Turkish D'Lite Jams

In the first game of a home double-header on August 4, the Charlotte Roller Girls B Dazzlers faced off against the Blue Ridge Roller Girls’ French Broads. Coming out of an impressive win in Roanoke, VA, on July 8th against the Star City Roller Girls, the B Dazzlers were hoping to celebrate a consecutive victory (and earn redemption, having lost to Blue Ridge in Asheville in 2011). Unfortunately, it was not to be. The B Dazzlers suffered a crushing loss to the Broads, 61 to 239.

Schmidt Storm goes after the French Broad Jammer

The first jam saw Charlotte down a quick 9 points as BRRG jammer Skelley-Tor took an immediate lead against Addie Finitum. Margaret Snatch-Her snagged two points for Charlotte in the second jam, and the B Dazzlers earned the lead jammer position in the subsequent two, but the Broads managed to earn points almost every jam, whether or not their jammer came out ahead. Both teams accrued modest points, with Blue Ridge firmly in the lead, until the 12th and 13th jams. Jam number 12 pitted StarSpangled BanGRR against Drag’n SlayHer. Drag’n SlayHer pushed by Charlotte’s wall of jammers (and a very feisty Sadie Hellcat) and made two passes before BanGRR could break through the Blue Ridge pack. Going into the 13th jam, Charlotte was down 24 to 43. A call for back blocking sent jammer Drag’n SlayHer to the penalty box, giving Addie Finitum a chance to close the gap. But when Addie found herself in the box (also for back blocking), the Drag’n was released onto a depleted Charlotte pack and able to rack up another 23 points for Blue Ridge. The remainder of the first half saw some solid blocking from Alley Capone and Moll Adjusted, but the Blue Ridge jammers continually took immediate leads and racked up a steady stream of points.

Charlotte blockers Sadie Hellcat and Bet on Bruises team up

The B Dazzlers went into the second period down 31 to 119. With StarSpangled BanGRR in the penalty box, Skelley-Tor found herself in a power jam and Blue Ridge began to rack up points. It wasn’t until the 14th jam of the period that Charlotte earned any points. In the final six jams, Charlotte’s score held steady at 61, while the French Broads finished out at 239.

Despite the disappointing loss, the Charlotte Roller Girls let loose with the Blue Ridge Roller Girls at Kickstand. Better luck next season!

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