Sometimes the world of derby is filled with surprises and quick changes. As derby players we are used to having to think quickly on our feet…or perhaps more appropriately, our skates. The Charlotte Roller Girls have had to change our opponent lineup for the last home bout of the 2012 season due to unforeseen circumstances not allowing the Cardiff Roller Collective from Wales to make the hop across the pond. As much as we were looking forward to meeting the skaters from Wales (on and off the track), and hosting the first International derby in Charlotte, we are just as excited to face the Rocktown Rollers and Charlottesville Derby Dames on September 22.

There will be no bout on Friday, September 21 as previously scheduled. We apologize to all of our fans and supporters for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will join us on Saturday instead. Our All-Stars will still take on the Rocktown Rollers from Virginia, as scheduled, in the first bout of the doubleheader on Saturday, September 22, and our B Dazzlers will now compete against the Charlottesville Derby Dames during the second bout. The All-Stars previously beat the Rocktown Rollers in April, 193-68, and no doubt the Rocktown Rollers are eager to equalize their standings. The B Dazzlers played Charlottesville in June 2011, and they’ll be looking to score a win on their home turf to end the home season!

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