A Nail Biting Final Home Bout for the B Dazzlers!

After an epic victory by the Charlotte Roller Girls All-Stars, the inspired B-Dazzlers took to the track against the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Unfortunately, Charlottesville had a little inspiration of their own. They held the B-Dazzlers at zero points while their side of the scoreboard climbed to 20 points. Things were not looking good for Charlotte until B-Dazzler jammer Thor Loser was able to sneak into the pack before the Charlottesville jammer could call off the jam. Eager to capitalize on this momentum, Charlotte earned lead and managed to score some points in the next jams.

Charlottesville wasn’t going down without a fight, and halfway through the first period they led Charlotte 28-13. But in, the waning moments of the first half, Charlotte took advantage of a powerjam and scored 19 points to tie the game. Thanks to clever strategy and quick jammers, Charlotte was able to take the lead for the first time going into halftime at 53-52.

Charlottesville came back from the locker room ready to go, scoring 10 points in the first jam of the second half. Not to be outdone, Charlotte’s Thor Loser scored 15 points bringing the score to 67-62. A powerjam soon after allowed B-Dazz jammer Margaret Snatch’Her to score 35 points and increase Charlotte’s lead to 102-62. But the tides turned in Charlottesville’s favor when the Charlotte jammer went to the box. Charlottesville jammer KamiKashi brought the score to 102-90.

Margaret Snatch’Her managed to score 9 points in the next jam , but did not call off the jam before the Charlottesville jammer scored a couple. Some lightning fast jams brought the score to 122-121 Charlottesville. Charlottesville refocused on holding the Charlotte jammer and continued to rack up points, bringing the score to 133-121. Until…in the final jam of the night, Charlotte jammer Thor Loser earned lead and then the Charlottesville jammer went to the penalty box, allowing Thor to score 24 points for a final score of 145-136 Charlotte!

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