Rosters Announced for Final Home Bout of the 2012 Season

On Saturday, September 22 2012, the Charlotte Roller Girls will hold their final home bout doubleheader of the 2012 season. The All-Stars will take on the Rocktown Rollers, while the B Dazzlers will face the Charlottesville Derby Dames. Tickets are available! $10 in advance, or $14 at the door. As the final home bout of this season, the Charlotte Roller Girls are eager to give their fans a double win and some great derby to watch!

Congratulations to the following skaters for making the roster for this game:

All-Stars Roster

S0ME Do U Juana
101 Bashionista
106 Rita Maneata
40 Shawn Shank Redemption
416 Ms Guided Angel
5×5 SinPlicity
6 Rosie Cheeks
67 Colleen
711 Drew FearMEmore
74 Rox U Lykahurricane
7734 Devlin Syder
8008 calQh8r
9 Hitsteria
919 Katch Her in the Rye
1000 Emmylou Harass – ALT
88 StarSpangled BanGRR – ALT

All-Stars Coaches

Lace of Spades
Tammy Faye Breaker

B Dazzlers Roster

2 Sadie Hellcat
21 Shocker Zulu
22 Schmidt Storm
X23 Unleasha Monster
24U Bets On Bruises
33 Sweet Psyren
86 Addie Finitum
88 StarSpangled BanGRR
99 Margaret Snatch’Her
269 Thor Loser
417 CrackHer Jackie
428 Elly Mae Slammett
923 MzBehavin’ Mama
1000 Emmylou Harass
71 Mugger Teresa – ALT
301.9 Moll Adjusted – ALT

B Dazzlers Coaches

Katch Her In The Rye
Ella Titzgerald

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