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Written by: Julie Murphy

Have you ever wanted to play roller derby? …Come on. Be honest. Just admit it. Of course you have!

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When you ask most people about roller derby, they conjure up images of Raquel Welch as K.C. Carr in the movie Kansas City Bomber and the banked track version of the sport in the 1970’s. While there are some similarities (we still wear quad skates, skate in circles and hit each other pretty hard), it’s not quite as uncontrolled or violent as some may think. However, it still takes coordination, stamina, endurance, strategy and teamwork to be a good derby queen. But with practice, nearly anyone can play this sport.

One of the best parts about derby is the variety of women that participate. We range in age from early-twenties to fifty, most of us have jobs or careers and we come from all walks of life. League member professions include: student, lawyer, nurse, reporter, caterer, teacher, accountant, marketer, business owner, opera singer, cellist, retail manager, stay-at-home mom, real estate agent, banker, masseuse, hairdresser, and so many more. We are always looking for new members who can contribute and keep the league fresh and vibrant.


As you consider whether you should join our ranks, consider some things you may not know about roller derby and the Charlotte Roller Girls:

  • We are league owned and operated, so we get a say in everything the league does from choosing sponsors to designing uniforms to planning special events!
  • We give back to the community. We partner with a different charity annually and donate time and funds to them (read more about that here)
  • Men can join the league! (as refs or NSOs)
  • No experience is required. We have trainers that are committed to making you a great roller derby player and can teach you everything from basic skill development to advanced game strategy




Derby is WAY more than the fast-action, hard hitting sport you see at the Grady Cole Center and for many of us, derby is our way of staying fit and giving back to the community. I met the Charlotte Roller Girls 3 years ago at the OrthoCarolina 5k/10k race. I chatted with some of the ladies and immediately thought, “I want to do that.” I had never been to a bout, hadn’t spent much time on roller skates since the eighth grade, but after meeting these ladies I really wanted to BE one of them.

Then I went to a bout! Now I REALLY wanted to BE one of them.

After talking about it and talking about it, and never actually doing anything about it, my husband bought me skates for Christmas, essentially giving me no choice but to actually do it. And man am I glad I did. Derby has provided me with amazing friends, a way to give back and support the community and a fantastic way to stay in shape.


We are having open tryouts on Saturday, September 20 at 10am. There are training workshops scheduled for Sundays: Aug. 24, Aug. 30, Sept. 7, Sept. 14.

Read more about how to join and RSVP to let us know you want to be one of us!

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See you on the track.


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