Learn how to become a skater, ref or volunteer at our one of our Upcoming Interest Meetups in 2020

You are invited to attend our new skater interest meetups to get details on joining our league!

Tuesday – Feb 18th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Thursday – March 19th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Tuesday – April 21st 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Wednesday – May 13th 7:30pm @ Kate’s Skating Rink (Lowell Location) (4114 E. Franklin Blvd. Gastonia, NC)
Thursday – June 18th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Tuesday – July 21st 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Thursday – August 20th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Wednesday – September 16th 7:30pm @ Kate’s Skating Rink (Lowell Location) (4114 E. Franklin Blvd. Gastonia, NC)
Thursday – October 13th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)
Tuesday – November 17th 6-8pm @ Common Market (Southend location)

Curious about Roller Derby?

Charlotte Roller Derby is currently recruiting!
– Skaters for our WFTDA teams, BRAND NEW ALL-GENDER team, Junior’s Team and ALWAYS Referees and Non-skating officials.

Email JOIN@CHARLOTTEROLLERDERBY.ORG for more information!

Skate Charlotte

Find out more about our 2020: Beginner Skate Boot Camp & sign up!

Ever thought about learning to play roller derby, or just learning how to roller skate?

Our skating program, Skate Charlotte, is a weekly class that teaches the basics of roller skating: Stride, Stops, Recovery, Footwork, Jumps, and much, much more!

Whether you have previous skating experience, or putting on skates for the first time in your life, this class will get you skating into fitness through roller derby inspired skills and drills.

If you are interested in playing roller derby with Charlotte Roller Derby, and you are 16 years or older, this class is the first step in learning the fundamentals; once you have the basics down, you may join the league and begin attending our roller derby practices.

Interested in skating just for fun and fitness? Skate Charlotte is open to registered skaters on a drop-in basis, come skate with us as often as you’d like!

For more information contact us at JOIN@CHARLOTTEROLLERDERBY.ORG!


A: Currently our classes are Monday and Wednesday nights. Please join our Facebook group to get detailed information on practice times as we practice at two locations, and sometimes have changes and cancellations. Or, contact us at join@charlotterollerderby.org

A: Each class is $7, and no insurance is required. However, we strongly encourage skaters to carry their own personal medical and/or accident insurance coverage.

A: Bring plenty of water and dress to sweat! Required gear are skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet. We do have a limited amount of loaner gear available at the warehouse. If you need help finding loaner gear, or need advice on where to purchase skates to start out, contact us as join@charlotterollerderby.org.

A: We’re ready for you! When you sign up for Skate Charlotte, let us know that you want to play roller derby, and we will give you all the information about joining our league.

A: Skate Charlotte is a no-contact skating class, and you are welcome to be a part of the program for as long as you want.

A: There are many ways to get involved with our league. We are always seeking roller derby enthusiasts to participate as referees, non-skating officials, volunteers, tailgating rock stars, and more! If you are interested in learning more, drop us a line at join@charlotterollerderby.org.

Being a Charlotte Roller Derby Skater


Monthly Dues are $40.00, due by 1st of the Month.

Primary Health Insurance

ALL skaters are required to carry primary health insurance on an ongoing basis in order to be an active skater with CLTRD.

WFTDA Insurance

You must obtain AND maintain a WFTDA membership, even if you have primary health insurance. The fee is $70 annually.

Required Equipment: We recommend the Pro-Shop at Kate’s Skating Rink in Gastonia. See the “Helpful Links” section for additional suggestions. If you have questions about what kind of gear to buy, especially pads, please talk to any member of the league!

What you'll need:

  • Quad Skates
  • Helmet (multi-impact, and black gloss)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Wrist Guards
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads

Roller Derby is a high impact, full-contact sport and we take big hits and hard falls. Pads and helmets are the only things between your fragile bones/head and very hard surfaces.

How to become a Ref

Want to get involved but just not interested in being a skater? We’ve got an important place for you! The CLTRD family includes and depends on a whole host of both female and male referees, coaches, trainers, and volunteers in order to keep it up and running. Whatever you’ve got to offer, whether it’s a special skill or just your time, we want you on board! And don’t forget the most important job of all: fan! Contact us for more information.

Volunteer/NSO (Non-Skating Official) with the League

There are many ways to be involved with the league. It’s more than just skaters! We need volunteers and non-skating officials to help us at scrimmages and bouts. If you’d like to be involved with the league, but aren’t keen on skating, we have a spot for you. Email us at info@charlotterollerderby.org for more information.