For those who are interested in volunteering or NSOing with the organization, email join@charlotterollergirls.com for more information on our needs and scrimmage schedule.


Non-Skating Officials are the individuals who help with tasks such as score keeping, penalty box timing, penalty tracking, jam timing, line up tracking, wrangling, and more. Because of all of you, we are able to obtain stats about our games and to handle discrepancies or concerns. NSOs are essential to the success of all roller derby bouts. It takes at least ten NSOs to run a bout smoothly. NSOs are responsible for completing all associated paperwork in sanctioned bouts.


NSOs are needed at scrimmages and bouts. Currently scrimmages are on Thursdays from 7:30-9:30 PM and bouts are typically on Saturday evenings.


Anyone 16+ can volunteer to NSO at our scrimmages. You must be 18+ to NSO in an adult bout.


Scrimmages are at Kate’s in Lowell. Home bouts are played at the Grady Cole Center in uptown or at one of the Kate’s locations. Away bouts vary depending on the season. See our schedule for more information.


All teams need good, experienced NSOs. It is a great way to get to know other leagues and travel to other cities. There are many reasons to NSO with us. Maybe you are a new skater who wants to understand the game better. Maybe you are interested in getting to know more members of the league. Maybe you are interested in getting more involved in the sport and have a goal to travel to other cities for tournaments or championships. Maybe you are an injured skater looking to stay involved. Maybe skating just wasn’t your thing, but you are still interested in supporting CLTRD. By being an NSO, you will be part of a kick butt crew of folks.