Q&A for Refs (Team Zebra)

To find out more, email us at join@charlotterollerderby.org


Each game must staff enough on-skates Officials (Referees) to effectively track the following information: location of the pack and engagement zone, which blockers are out of play, who the jammers are and which is lead, how many points each jammer has scored, etc. Referees are responsible for assessing and enforcing penalties. A full officiating team includes the head ref, inside pack ref, 2 jam refs, and 3 outside pack refs.

When and Where

You can participate in Skate Charlottes on Mondays (Kate’s Indian Trail) and Wednesdays (Kate’s Lowell) to learn basic skating skills. In order to learn the rules and how to officiate, you can come to scrimmages on Thursday nights and shadow from 7:30-9:30 (Kate’s Lowell).


Contact join@charlotterollergirls.com so that we can let the Skate Charlotte trainer or Head Referee know of your interest. The Head Referee will let you know next steps for your Ref development.


All leagues need good officials in order to hold them accountable and to get better at the sport. Reffing is a great way to get to know other leagues and travel to other cities. There are many reasons to Ref with us: Maybe you enjoy skating, but contact isn’t for you. Maybe you enjoy rules or having knowledge of a game and want to impart that knowledge. Maybe you are interested in getting more involved in the sport and have a goal to travel to other cities for tournaments or championships. Maybe you are an injured or retired skater looking to stay involved. Maybe you’re not quite able to pass Day 1 or Day 2 assessments but want to be on skates while continuing to learn the game. By being a Ref, you will be part of a group that is dedicated to helping CLTRD make improvements in their game.